Il s’agit du meilleur émulateur de PlayStation One, devant ePSXe et pSX.

– CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64, armv7/AArch32 and AArch64)
– Hardware (D3D11, OpenGL, Vulkan) and software rendering
– Upscaling, texture filtering, and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers
– PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation
– Adaptive downsampling filter
– Post processing shader chains
– « Fast boot » for skipping BIOS splash/intro
– Save state support
– Windows, Linux, highly experimental macOS support
– Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, and MAME CHD formats.
– Direct booting of homebrew executables
– Direct loading of Portable Sound Format (psf) files
– Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host)
– Namco GunCon lightgun support (simulated with mouse)
– NeGcon support
– Qt and NoGUI frontends for desktop
– Automatic updates for Windows builds
– Automatic content scanning – game titles/regions are provided by
– Optional automatic switching of memory cards for each game
– Supports loading cheats from libretro or PCSXR format lists
– Memory card editor and save importer
– Emulated CPU overclocking
– Integrated and remote debugging
– Multitap controllers (up to 8 devices)
– RetroAchievements

Configuration requise:
– GLES fixes (Stenzek)
– dep/reshadefx: Support generating GLSL ES (Stenzek)
– Fix performance counters showing up without VM (Stenzek)
– Sort shader lists before showing (Stenzek)
– Add categories/combos/tooltips (Stenzek)
– A CPU faster than a potato. But it needs to be x86_64, AArch32/armv7, or AArch64/ARMv8, otherwise you won’t get a recompiler and it’ll be slow.
– For the hardware renderers, a GPU capable of OpenGL 3.1/OpenGL ES 3.0/Direct3D 11 Feature Level 10.0 (or Vulkan 1.0) and above. So, basically anything made in the last 10 years or so.
– SDL, XInput or DInput compatible game controller (e.g. XB360/XBOne). DualShock 3 users on Windows will need to install the official DualShock 3 drivers included as part of PlayStation Now



Les améliorations sont:
Preview Build:
– update simple-chinese translation. (zkdpower) #3065
– CPU/NewRec: Fix lui/mfc0 not getting called in CPU PGXP mode (Stenzek)
– Add register names for debugging (Stenzek)
– Fix toggle CPU PGXP with Interpreter (Stenzek)
– Replace some std::string instances with TinyString (Stenzek)

Development Build:


Stable Build (or rolling release):
– Swap over to fmt (Stenzek)
– Reset downcount when head is resorted (Stenzek)
– 79e1ae3: CPU/CodeCache: Rewrite using new-rec’s block management (Stenzek)
– Protect main RAM buffer (Stenzek)
– 9d40164: CPU/Recompiler: Offset LUT fastmem pointers (Stenzek)
– Allow LUT fastmem on mirrors (Stenzek)
– Add new experimental recompiler (Stenzek)
– Reduce library scope (Stenzek)
– Ignore GPUs which don’t support Vulkan 1.1 (Stenzek)
– 2df88e7: Update (Connor McLaughlin)
Р03ccc07: Atualiza̤̣o Portugu̻s do Brasil (Anderson Cardoso) #3033
– Add new controller image and icon refinement #3034 (kamfretoz)
– 709b3b2: Add to contributors list (kamfretoz) #3034
– c727ac3: CPU/CodeCache: Include hi/lo in state logging (Stenzek)
– e361301: CPU/Recompiler: Fix incorrect shift in LUT fastmem (Stenzek)
– Properly set unmapped pages to NULL for LUT fastmem (Stenzek)
– cce1ec5: CPU/Recompiler/AArch32: Reduce register usage of Mul (Stenzek)
– 52e0d8d: CPU/Recompiler/AArch32: Load membase on demand (Stenzek)
– 9d14ba0: dep/vixl: Add Reset-to-new-buffer overload (Stenzek)
– d00ed00: CPU/NewRec/AArch64: Don’t recreate assembler every time (Stenzek)
– Fix Debug x64 builds on Linux (Stenzek)
– 8ddb0c4: Common/HeapArray: Fix mismatched delete/free (Stenzek)
– b3cbe5a: CPU/NewRec: Add AArch32 backend (Stenzek)
– 6592caf: CPU/NewRec: Add speculative constants (Stenzek)
– 06c4dc5: GPU/OpenGL: Fix incorrect 1/4 blend on Mali (Stenzek)
– f786138: CPU/CodeCache: Fix crash on Apple Silicon (Stenzek)
– 117cbee: CPU/CodeCache: Fix NewRec on Apple Silicon (Stenzek)
– 3ee8159: CI/AppImage: Work around GH runner issue 8659 (Stenzek)
– 10877c2: Remove vertical spacer preventing Tweaks/Hacks from expanding (Matthew Broomfield) #3038
– Fix playlist memory card handling (Stenzek)
– 33f945f: CI/AppImage: Disable Wayland by default (Stenzek)
– 6ca098d: CI/Flatpak: Disable Wayland by default (Stenzek)
– Fix Discord Rich Presence (Stenzek)
– Build fixes for Android (Stenzek)
– Compiling x64 builds on Apple Silicon host (Stenzek)
– Don’t force-disable dual source blending (Stenzek)
– 1831a29: GL/ContextEGL: Fix surface_format left uninitialized (Stenzek)
– Fix Guncon positioning with window padding (Stenzek)
– Fix for Metal renderer (Stenzek)
– Fix incorrect type for Display/Scaling (Stenzek)
– Update Korean translation by Hackjjang (Stenzek)
– Log command parameters (Stenzek)
– 4ef465c: PostProcessing/FX: Fix loading of resource textures (Stenzek)
– 8f1d724: Postprocesing/FX: Add BUFFER_COLOR_BIT_DEPTH and random source (Stenzek)
– Add option to choose emulated mechacon version (Stenzek)
– Pad fragment output components for MSL (Stenzek)
– Raise settings window if already open #3035 (Stenzek)
– 82b3907: dep/libchdr: Add subtype parsing functions (Stenzek) #3035
– Fix incorrect CRC-16 computation #3035 (Stenzek)
– Support reading subchannel from CHD #3035 (Stenzek)
– Fix incorrect render pass end #3035 (Stenzek)
– Use ByteSwap() (Stenzek)
– Add missing icons to some OSD messages (Stenzek)
– clang warning fix (Stenzek)
– Fix incorrect scratchpad masking (Stenzek)
Р536f151: Atualiza̤̣o Portugu̻s do Brasil (Anderson Cardoso)
– Add log callback (Stenzek)
– f62a3ff: dep/rcheevos: Update to 8a717b1 (Stenzek)
– Use retryable client error status code (Stenzek)
– Move to util project (Stenzek)
– Use a 60 second timeout for server calls (Stenzek)
– Switch to multi/async API (Stenzek)
– Remove ThreadPool class (Stenzek)
– Add third-party license notices (Stenzek)
– Backport button/hat max from PCSX2 (Stenzek)
– Remove Pause on Menu open (Stenzek)
– Change settings dialogs to widgets/windows (Stenzek)
– 9516a45: Update portugues language


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