Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Spectrum 48, 128, 128+2, 128+2A/+3 et Pentagon pour windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP). Voici les nouveautés:

[+] An option added to control sound frequency (8 to 44KHz) and bits per sample (8 or 16) to use with DirectX sound.
[*] Exact Sound Emulation optimized a lot to work fast even on slow machines, and correspondent option removed from Configuration: now exact sound emulation used always until 200% of speed emulation. Better MIC sound emulation.
[*] High Quality Magnification optimized a lot, and works now in Full-Screen with Direct-X too. Since HQM works only with MMX/SSE2, it is not enabled on older machines.
[*] Skipping frames made more smart and effective, so Refresh Rate manual control no more needed: Refresh Rate menu item removed together with its submenu, but Allow Skip Frames left for manual control there.
[*] Smooth Draw improved a lot, and works now especially smooth in Full-Screen (both GUI and Direct-X).
[-] In the Debugger, loading memory block into ROM enabled too when Edit ROM option checked.

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