Notre BBQ2K4 étant terminé, on va se remettre un peu aux news avec Aaron Gilles qui vient de releasé une nouvelle update pour Mame dont voici les améliorations:

Driver Improvements:
– Fixed ROM naming for Crazy Climber bootleg. [Brian Troha]
– Fixed background scrolling in Mustang. [David Haywood]
– Cleaned up PORT_CHEAT and tagged ports for a number of drivers. [El Condor]
– Added save state support to the Namco System 1 driver. [Andrew Gardner]
– Improvements to the Namco System 12 driver. [R. Belmont]
– MCU is now emulated rather than HLE’d.
– MCU peripherals mostly figured out and hooked up.
– Preliminary sound and music are now present.
– Inputs and coinage are now handled by the MCU, so
all bugs related to them are hopefully fixed.
– Fixed bug with save states.
– sws99 and pacapp both seem playable now (not sure if
due to these changes or smf’s core work) so took off
– Added support for alternate ROM banking protection
used by golgo13, so it runs now (there’s a very long
black screen at the beginning, just wait it out). The
gun inputs are partially supported but not working yet
because I’m unable to figure out what format the game
wants the data in.

Changes to the main program:
– More i960 bugfixes. [R. Belmont]
* Fixed a brown-paper-bag bug where the PC and AC
registers were getting swapped on return from
* Rewrote the frame cache mechanism using a simple
FIFO concept. Final Lap R now runs further.
* Aligned reads and writes now use the full-size paths
through the core instead of always breaking everything
down into bytes.
– Added a core for the Hitachi H8/3002 MCU. [R. Belmont]
It was originally written by the Zinc authors for Zinc. I’ve
fairly extensively rewritten it and adapted it to MAME
semantics with their permission. Cycle counts are
probably not right because the manual’s a bit
confusing, but they’re at least ballpark.
– Added a preliminary core for the Namco C352 PCM chip. [R. Belmont]
It was originally written by the Zinc authors
for Zinc and has been adapted for MAME by me with
their permission. It’s not sounding real great yet on
music, although it’s better than the Zinc original.
– Added support for non-integral clock multipliers in the MIPS3
core. [Aaron Giles]
– Refactored the Voodoo code, fixing several errors in the LOD
calculations and the Voodoo 2 command FIFO. [Aaron Giles]
– Fixed bug that prevented changes to the default controls from
sticking. [Aaron Giles]

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:
Popper (Hard Head bootleg) [David Haywood]
Hyperdrive [Aaron Giles]

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