SheepShaver est un émulateur Open Source supportant MacOS Classic pour PowerPC. En d’autres termes, il vous permet d’exécuter sur votre ordinateur des applications conçues pour MacOS Classic (PowerPC), même si vous utilisez un autre système d’exploitation. Cependant, vous devez posséder une image de ROM de PowerMacintosh ainsi qu’une version adéquate de MacOS pour PowerPC. SheepShaver est distribué sous licence libre GPL.
Sur les systèmes à base de PowerPC, les applications s’exécuteront nativement, i.e. sans aucune émulation du processeur. Autrement, SheepShaver intègre le premier émulateur de PowerMac G4, mais sans MMU, capable d’exécuter MacOS Classic. Bien que pour l’instant le noyau d’émulation utilise des techniques basiques de traduction dynamique de code (JIT) les performances restent toutefois honnêtes et atteignent environ 1/8e de la vitesse réelle du processeur hôte.
Il s’agit d’un ensemble de binaires réunis dans une même archive, l’un d’entre eux propose un ensemble de correction et d’amélioration par rapport à la version 2.3 originale.


Note: If you use any other than a US-English keyboard, use this keycodes file.
Cumulative fixes and enhancements
-Should fix the « cannot map RAM:No Error » error.
-Screen garbage when running « Dark Forces » in Windows full screen.
-Scaling when switching to full screen
-Selecting an OpenVPN tap device in the GUI and running tap based networking.
-cdrom entry reset at reboot.
-A possible issue with the startup.wav not playing at the correct speed.
-Fixes full screen issue
-Uninitialized value causing Quicktime image rendering to sometimes fail after mode changes.
-Gamma ramp patch to allow running certain Ambrosia (and possibly other) games.
-Drag and drop of one disk image onto the SheepShaver window. CD, HD, and floppy images show up on the desktop as read-only CDs. Dragging the CD icon to the trash or choosing « Special/Eject » (Mac OS 8 and above) unmounts the image (when selected). Image formats that were already not supported can show up as Audio CDs. You cannot a have a real CD mounted and use this option at the same time. You cannot mount more than one disk image this way.
-Now also plays startup sound upon reboot
-Can now read a preferences file from the command line with –config filename
-Prevents Windows key press to open Windows start menu, see option Reserve Windows Key in the Keyboard/Mouse tab in the GUI.
-Selectable Render driver on the Graphics/Sound tab of the GUI: Software, OpenGL, Direct3D, giving access to hardware acceleration. If selection doesn’t work SDL falls back to software renderer.
-Changed old GUI behavior of refresh rate/frameskip setting being forced to 60hz when video mode fullscreen is selected. Refresh rate setting now stays accessible and also doesn’t save to settings as 60hz.
-An additional pref item « sound_buffer » is introduced that sets the size of the sound buffer. Size 0 uses the original size, higher numbers shorten the buffer but increase CPU load.
Manual editing of the prefs file is needed to enable this function.
-An additional pref item « title » is introduced that lets the main window have a specific title. Manual editing of the prefs file is needed to enable this function.
-It is now possible to redirect a tcp/ip port from the guest to the host. Manual editing of the prefs file is needed for this.
-Will now play a sound file named « startup.wav » in the SheepShaver folder at boot.
-Build with msys2, contains a working GUI with the required libraries. Both booting and reading CDs in 64bit Windows are supported.
-Contains a readme explaining how the included keycodes file will map keys on a Windows keyboard to Mac modifier keys in the emulator.
-You can now again boot from and access real CD’s in 64 bit Windows hosts, and the cdenable.sys driver is no longer needed in 32 bit hosts (but can still be used).
-Changing CD’s is supported (use the polling option in the GUI)
-You can now switch between windowed and full screen modes by using the Ctrl+Enter key combination. All thanks go to our member vasi.
due to changes in framebuffer handling, new issues might arise. Please report them.


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