Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Spectrum 48, 128, 128+2, 128+2A/+3 et Pentagon pour windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP). En voici les nouveautés:

[-] There were no digital sound while emulating with speed greater then 200%. Fixed.
[-] There were no keyboard responce while emulating with speed higher some value (more then 400%). Fixed.
[-] Working with high speed (greater then 200%) was lowered down since all the frames were tried to be drawn even when Allow Skip Frames was on – fixed.
[-] Separate turning MIC sound off did not work – fixed.
[-] Worst smooth draw in full screen then in earlier releases – fixed.
[*] Processor usage for smooth draw lowered a half, but without reducing smooth effect.
[-] Worst speed syncronization on speed low then 100% – fixed.
[-] Incorrect syncronization after pause if sound off – fixed.
[-] When mouse (AMX/Kempston/AY) was emulating, F3 did not work – fixed.
[-] When mouse (AMX/Kempston/AY) was emulating, (re-)loading another file (tape, snapshot) did not release mouse and it still were emulated affecting loaded game/demo and disallowing using mouse by the usual way. Fixed.
[-] DirectX full screen mode now available on more hardware.
[+] XP themes manifest provided.
[-] Drawn Keyboard property On Top now works perfectly: it is on top of all the emulator windows itselves, but until another app becomes active.
[-] Turning to 8 bit per sample in sound options crashed the emulator. Now fixed.
[*] The option Exact Sound Emulation made available again in Configuration to allow turn it off for very slow machines. Now EmuZWin can be run with some options turned off even on Pentium-100 with 100% speed.

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