Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

• Spectrum: Fixed many bugs on tape module:
+ Now the tape restarts properly (I hope fix this at last).
+ Fixed a bug introduced in ß3 that prevent commented tapes to load (for example Alkatraz tapes).
+ Fixed selection in tape when a group is present (double mouse click on tape grid).
+ DSP window possition works OK on tape load.
• Spectrum: So much timmings fix on contended memory, now I don’t know if it works better or worse than before…
• Phoenix: Fixed a bug that hangs driver (It was vblank timmings)
• Snapshot: Many fixed to prevent problems on tape save names.
• General: Fixes on drivers load.
• General: Better ROM load system. (Now DSP don’t hangs if a ROM is not pressent).

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