Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur SMS/GameGear pour DOS dont voici les nouveautés:

– Proper emulation of the Game Gear parallel and serial I/O hardware.
– Codemasters mapper support.
– PAL console support.
– Improved memory management. (Space Gun works)
– New SN76489 PSG emulator from Maxim.
– New YM2413 FM emulator from MAME. EMU2413 is still available too.
– Fixes to the rendering engine.
– Support for the SMS 2 VDP extended display modes.
– Many improvements to the VDP and I/O port management.
– Tons of bugfixes and other minor improvements.
I’ve been too busy to finish the new porting instructions and to check for bugs, so please let me know of any problems.

Télécharger SMS Plus (Dos) 1.3 (502,8 Ko)

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