Alors que 0.86 vient de sortir, c’est AdvMame/Mess v0.85 qui sont dispos, à télécharger sur le site officiel et à présent en local.

– AdvanceMAME v0.85.0.
– AdvanceMESS v0.85.0.0.
– AdvanceMENU v2.3.8.
– AdvanceSCAN v1.10.


* Added support for .chd files. Check the new -K option.
* The program now automatically renames any damaged .zip and .chd file instead of aborting.
* Updated the included expat library to version 1.95.8.

Télécharger AdvanceSCAN v1.18 (611,2 Ko)

Télécharger AdvanceSCAN v1.18 (711,4 Ko)


* Fixed the renaming of the AdvanceMESS snapshots, clips and sounds. It was broken on version 2.3.6.
* Added support for specific emulator configuration.
* New menu organization.
* Added the new `ui_menukey’ option to enable and disable the keyboard shortcuts in the menus.

Télécharger TRWin (Français) 2.36 WIP (117,3 Ko)

Télécharger Ultra64 v0.001a (47,1 Ko)

AdvanceMAME Version 0.85.0 2004/08

* The modeline generation now always use horizontal values which are multipler of 16 to solve memory corruption problems on some video cards.
* Fixed a crash bug on vector games with artwork.
* Added the `ui_color[*]’ options to customize the user interface colors.
* Added the `sound_adjust’ option with an internal database with the volume correction for all the games.
* Added a sound equalizer with the new `sound_equalizer’ options.

AdvanceMESS Version 2004/08

All from AdvanceMAME 0.85.0.

Télécharger AdvanceMESS (Dos) (0,0 O)

Télécharger AdvanceMESS (Win) (0,0 O)

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