Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur GBA dont voici les améliorations:

– shareware: changed .prg MIME type to « data/binary » (against « virus » filters)
– media: logs writes per sector for EEPROM and FLASH in SAV and SNA files
– controls: ignores POV if joyGetDevCaps HASPOV=0 (should fix « up/down » problem)
– shareware: added « Hello  » in auto-generated registration emails
– media/snaps: included FLASH and EEPROM and video REFXY registers in snapshots
– xboo/help: removed notes about giveio/totalio due to built-in nocashio driver
– media: emulates 64KByte FLASH backup memory (used by Sonic, thanks Kirk again)
– bios: emulates RCNT=800Xh when booted from ROM (required for Sonic Advance)
– gui: forces « OK » and « Cancel » setup buttons (instead local language mixup)
– bugfix: even cartchipsizes were incorrectly rounded-up to double-of-even-size
– bugfix: rlu-compressed length (nocashio driver crash, and no$gba startup logo)

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