Il s’agit d’un émulateur Radio Shack TRS-80 / Microcolor Computer MC-10 tournant sous Windows.

– Added in the count/compare timer interrupt so Gary Furr’s clock program would work. The fix didn’t break the Sound command. P.S. MAME’s 077s 6800 module has bugs in the resetting of some of flags in register $08.
– CSAVE will now prompt for a filename.
– Added in ability to use external character generator ROM. Unfortunately, in the MC-10, that’s not very useful. External characters show up only in Alpha/Semigraphics6 mode.
– Added in ability to load OS ROM and character generator ROMs.
– Added Util Load Binary File feature.
– Added Util quick extra Snapshot feature — puts the screenshots into the screenshots directory. Beware, the names wrap after 9999.unbundled WAV files. Bundled in tools instead, for converting .C10 to WAV.
– Fixed some of the cassette image files to match the cassette files, instead of what could be CSAVEd from the emulator.
– Bundled in other tools.
– Bundled in some programs and documentation looted from other websites.

Télécharger Virtual MC-10 0.73c (2,5 Mo)

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