Nouvelle Beta pour cet émulateur de NES dont voici les nouveautés:

– Windows port, now compiled with MinGW;
– Disabled: EAGLE filter, GUI Help->System, screenshots;
– Broken mappers: 9 & 10 (MMC2/4), and possibly others;
– Removed a CPU timing hack, leaving the things « as it »;
– Minor changes in the CPU core to avoid bugs on game loading;
– Correct power-on/reset CPU behaviour (thanks nesdev);
– Fixed a bug in the WorkRAM I/O behaviour;
– Savestates should work fine now (older files may be incompatible);
– Fixed MMC3 IRQ timing somewhat (mapper 4 mainly);
– Fixed default keys mapped to A and B, instead of Z and X;
– Proper PPU 8-pixels left clipping;
– Video output is 16-bit now (instead of 8-bit);
– Fixed color emphasis/monochrome modes (try CopperBars);
– A couple of other minor fixes…

Télécharger ReGen (SSE2) v0.972 (724,2 Ko)

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