Dernière WIP, compilé par Ipher, de cet émulateur de NES qui a été arrêté il y a peu de temps. Voici les dernières améliorations:

– Bug #1020884 fix. Changed usage of ‘$enableval’ to ‘$withval’. [Siloh]
– Added ‘Modern NTSC’, ‘EGA’, and ‘Modern PAL’ palettes. [Siloh]
– Added Ultra 2xSCL blitter. [Siloh]
– Improved calculation of color values for color deemphasis overlays. [Lord_Nightmare]
– Re-added VSync because it mysteriously disappeared. [Siloh]
– Mingw32 build not linking against ‘resource.o’ fix. [Siloh]
‘resource.o’ being deleted upon ‘make clean’ fix. [Siloh]
– Expanded ‘About’ dialog to include a new ‘Special thanks to’ section. [Siloh]
– Added a new icon along with a full-color PNG version. [Siloh]
– Updated Allegro DLL to 4.1.16 [ipher]

Télécharger FakeNES (Dos) WIP 13/01/06 (177,0 Ko)

Télécharger FakesNES (Win) v0.59 Beta3 (845,9 Ko)

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