Nouvelle version de Zinc à jour par rapport à Mame v0.88u3.

A bunch of minor fixups in this one: The Qsound stereo has been reversed, an issue with sfex2p parenting is fixed, a graphics problem with Bloody Roar 2 is fixed, 2 players are now supported in the Konami games, and 2 new games are supported: SFEX Plus (US 970407) and Tekken 3. There is also a Linux-specific fix that will help folks wanting to use frontends.

En voici les améliorations:

– Reversed Qsound channels.
– Tekken 3 now runs. Yes, I know it sounds like hell. Turn your speakers off.
– sfexp reparented as per MAME 0.88u3, the new US version is the parent.
– Added the release date to the description of all Capcom games so you can tell the
difference between the 2 US sets of sfexp.
– Fixed misidentified sfex2-series sets.
– Added player 2 controls for Konami GV games.
– Fixed graphical issue in Bloody Roar 2.
– (Linux) now can also be in the LD search path. This is
helpful for frontends.

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