Once again
Encore une nouvelle update par Haze, voici les améliorations:

General Improvements

Drivers cleaned up

Most known video issues are now fixed
Alien Storm, DDCrew, Clutch Hitter, Laser Ghost, Cotton and
many others have greatly improved video.

Alien Storm is fully playable

DD Crew is fully playable but requires inputs to be fixed
(currently only service coin and controls for 1 player work)

Laser Ghost would probably be playable if the controls were
correctly hooked up

Moonwalker requires improvements to the MCU emulation

We will now accept bug reports at Mametesters.org for any games
running on the following drivers
segas16a.c, segas16b.c, segas18.c
Most of the bootlegs are still running on system16.c, please do
not report bugs for these, nor for outrun or afterburner hardware.

More Sega sets decrypted [Chris Hardy]
mvpj, dcclubfd etc.

Cleanups in bublbobl driver [Curt Coder]

M6803 Patch [Nathan Woods]
– Modified M6803 CPU core to use an internal memory map

Fixed colours in Super Stingray with new proms [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Improved sample support for rockola driver [Mame32Plus]

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Dynamic Country Club (US, Encrypted, Floppy Disk) [Various, see sega update notes]
Vanguard (Japan) [Mame32Plus]

New Non-Working games / clones supported

bad program rom

Several Sega S16 sets

NB: On notera les modifications du driver Cps2 conforme à présent à Kawaks (Cps2) suite à la release sortie hier.

NB2: A noter également que les dats de Nebula sont à présent à jour en conformités avec Kawaks et Mame.

– Renommage de sfz3j en sfz3jr1 (Japan 980727)
– Renommage de sfz3jr1 en sfz3jr2 (Japan 980629)
– Ajout du nouveau sfz3j (Japan 980904)
– Ajout de Vlinero (set2 alternatif de V-liner)

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