Haze vient encore de sortir une nouvelle version de Mame (il a vraiment rien d’autre dans la vie c’est confirmé^^):

General Improvements

Model 3 Cleanups [R.Belmont]
– Added init for mpc105 bridge
– Synchronized VS2 CROMs
– Fixed missing VROMs in Sega Rally 2 and Virtual On 2
– Added VS2 ’99 set, fixed incorrect ROMs in vs2v991
– Added Virtual On 2 v5.4g, Daytona USA 2, and Dirt Devils sets

Model 3 / PPC updates [Ville Linde]
– Major bugfixes to the PPC603 emulation, especially the FPU
– Improved MPC105 emulation
– Preliminary 53c810 SCSI emulation. Lost World now tries to download everything necessary to the Real3D stuff
– Added export version of Scud Race

Sega System16 updates [Aaron Giles]
* hooked up sound in atomicp (tempo is just a guess right now)
* created new machine/segaic16.c to hold non-video common hardware
* preliminary multiply/compare implementation moved there
* updated some game info against Thierry’s spreadsheet; altbeast needs an encrypted Z80 for sound now
* included eswatj update from Thierry
* fixed reset bug when running 16B/18 games
* changed segaic_init_palette to take a number of palette entries

Decryption of MC-8123B 317-0066 encrypted z80 used by altbeas2 [Nicola Salmoria, Dave Widel]

Hooked up controls in some Sega X-Board games [David Haywood]
smgp, rachero, abcop

Added coin counters to prehisle driver [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Fixed remaining GFX issues in flower [Bryan McPhail]

Fixed GFX problem in Superman [Bryan McPhail]

Fixed? overdraw in atomic robokid [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Fixed some compiler related issues with >32-bit integers in PPC / Model 3 [Lawrence Gold]

Attempted to make Pokey random number generator work better with recordings (not verified to improve things yet) [Juergen Buchmueller]

Trace in debugger now defaults to current active CPU if non specified [Nathan Woods]

Naughtyb / Popflame cocktail support [HobbesAtPlay]

Moved jrpacmbl to jrpacman driver [MASH]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Progressive Music Trivia [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Trivia Master [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Racing Hero [Gerald, David Haywood]

(AB Cop and SMGP are also now ‘working’ but still have some fairly serious issues)


Blood Brothers (set 2)
E-swat (Japan) [Thierry]

New Non-working

Line of Fire (Japan) [Charles Macdonald, bmoto]
no controls, xboard emulation problems

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