Nouvelle version de ce frontend tout à fait différent des autres et pour le moins très original, en voici les nouveautés:

-fixes a bug with sorting a-z in 0.92’s new on the fly filter dialogs.
-added more sorting options to the on the fly filters.
-fixes the size of the handle bar in relation to the scroll content of the text sprite in the new dialogs with rotated skins.
-fixes a bug when clicking on a column label, to sort the column, in the second field of the gamelist editor.
-added the vpforcetablefocus property to the general cfg menu (cfgfe.cfg) vpforcetablefocus|true|#boole|When set to true this will check if the vp table has focus and if not it will force focus to the vp table window. It will do this for 2 minutes everytime it checks if the kquitvp is hit. Therefore this only works with the special internal vp launcher. This will prevent the vp table to launch behind the fe and become invisible.|
-added karateg’s pinball_demo gamelist to the list archive in the main fe zip that covers most of the current games.

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