Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Super Nintendo dont voici les nouveautés :

DOS Only:
* Fixed a number of keyboard shortcuts in the GUI. [ipher]

Windows Only :
– Get_Date() now returns the proper value (it always returned the proper value in DOS). [Nach]
– Correct timing when compiled with MinGW (Special thanks to Jonas Quinn for all his help in getting ZSNESw compiled with MinGW and working). [Nach]
– More informative error messages when some DirectX component fails to load. [Nach]
– Return 0 instead of random value on exit (keeps certain frontends happy). [Nach]
– Fixed keyboard shortcut for « Trap Mouse Cursor ». [ipher]
– Changed text in netplay window to be more clear about TCP/UDP. [pagefault]
– Updated ZSNESw compilation instructions in install.txt. [Nach]
All Ports:
– Improved accuracy of base rates used for ADSR, GAIN, noise, and echo emulation. [TRAC]
– Fixed GUI escape stack corruption if .srm file could not be written to. [Nach]
– Stereo settings now obey config file. [Nach]
– Fixed framerate loading from config file. [ipher]
– ZSNES no longer hacks itself in order to access variables; this eliminates a few issues we had. [Nach]
– Source code cleanup. [Nach, ipher]
– Makefile overhaul; ZSNES can now be cross compiled. [Nach, ipher, malcster, SamB]
– Fixed some invalid memory reads. [Nach]
– Ported config file creation/loading to C. [MKendora, Nach]
– Percent of execution now takes h-blank values into consideration. [pagefault]
– Fixed Winter Gold FX crash. [Nach]
– Filtered GUI is now enabled by default. [Nach]
– Save location can now be edited in the GUI. [Nach]
– Added option to enable/disable auto IPS patching. [Nach, ipher]
– Saving last ROM info to rominfo.txt can now be turned off. [ipher, Nach]
– Organized options menu, and split off save related options into its own menu. [ipher]
– Moved Super System DIP switches to the chip configuration menu. [ipher]
– More boxes have borders now! [ipher]
– New one-time user reminder text. [grinvader]
– Updated about box. [Nach, ipher]
– Overhauled toaster support. [Nach]

Télécharger ZSNES (Dos) v1.51 (913,1 Ko)

Télécharger ZSNES (Win) v1.51 (847,4 Ko)

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