Et oui cela fait déjà 8 ans que le Club Dorothée n’existe plus…hum je me goure de registre là

Ha oui ! Mame a également 8 ans (et ça c’est beau © JCVD). Bon anniversaire ^^

The first official release was MAME 0.1, which was released on the evening of February 5th, 1997 (23:32 +0100). Using a modular and portable driver oriented architecture with an open source philosophy, it soon grew into immense proportions. The current version supports 5428 ROM sets, 3020 unique games. Because MAME releases happen whenever they are ready, at one point the wait between new versions was almost 4 months. To help the agony of the users, a public beta system was used, with a beta release happening every 2-3 weeks on an average. However, now the beta designation has been removed in favor of a good old 0.xx version number. Also a work-in-progress -page exists, if you really want to know the latest information.

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