Marat Fayzullin vient de sortir une nouvelle version de son émulateur GameBoy N&B/Color payant sous Windows (inclus la version Dos) et gratuit pour les autres OS.


– An MSDOS version of Virtual GameBoy is included.
– Game can be saved and loaded at any moment during the play.
– Game soundtrack can be saved into a MIDI file.
– Settings are saved individually for each game.
– There are both full screen and windowed modes.
– Window can be resized (bigger window sizes require better computer though).
– Emulation for GameBoy Classic, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket, and GameBoy Color.
– Emulation for GameBoy Pocket Printer.
– Support for GameGenie and GameShark cheats.
– Joystick support.

A acheter 28.49 euro sur le site officiel.

Site Officiel

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