Et encore une nouvelle version WIP de Zsnes compilé par Ipher, en voici les nouveautés (qui reprend également celles d’hier):

– WIN: Added Use Primary Buffer option [Nach, ipher]
– SDL: Begin support for HQ3X and 4X, support will have to wait for a bit while I fix something else. [pagefault]
– W_S: Netplay fixes round 4. [Nach]
– ALL: Init’d a ton of sound vars. [Nach]
– ALL: Rewind backups more sound vars. [Nach]
– ALL: Cleaned up debug. [Nach]
– ALL: SRAMPath should be fixed for good now. [Nach]
– GUI: Added « # of rewind states » dummy option to Save Options. [ipher]
– SRC: Added release grade parameter. [Nach]
– SRC: Fixed platform changes during compile. [Nach]
– SRC: Fixed an error from using search and replace without checking.

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