Une nouvelle version de Stella est disponible. Le plus gros changement depuis la v1.3 ? Le code est maintenant basé sur le SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer). Le build Window est en ligne de commande mais l’archive inclus quand même un frontend. En voici les nouveautés:

* Updated the sound system. All popping and cracking sounds that previously
occurred at program start/stop and when entering/exiting menu or pause
mode have been eliminated.

* Fixed the gl_fsmax argument to mean « switch to desktop resolution on
fullscreen OpenGL », instead of to the maximum possible resolution (the two
are not always the same).

* Added Alt [ and Alt ] keys to dynamically adjust the sound volume during

* Added Control 0, Control 1, Control 2, Control 3 keys to dynamically change
which paddle the mouse should emulate.

* Added video_driver argument. This accepts the different options that can be
specified for SDL_VIDEODRIVER (see SDL homepage for more information).
Basically, it eliminates the need to set the SDL_VIDEODRIVER environment

* Made sure screen is refreshed before taking a snapshot. This eliminates
the problem with new snapshots containing the text « Snapshot saved ».

* For the Windows port; added windib and directx as options for
‘video_driver’ when using software rendering. The ‘windib’ option is now
the default, and in many cases it’s up to 10 times faster than using

* For the OSX port; added ‘Cmd-R’ key to reload the currently loaded ROM.

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