Un émulateur développé en Java possédant le son via le support d’une API Son Java. Il contient aussi un très bon débuggeur.

• Improve Sound processing and better support for DMC
• Applet Mode can now use C and L to commit and load States via CGI scripts
• Fixed bug where GUI screen was not blanking when ROM images were closed.
• Images saved to PNG format instead (press A in both Standalone or Applet version)
• Press I to show Cartridge ROM information in both Standalone and Applet version
• Press Q to clear Save RAM and reset the Cartridge in both Standalone and Applet version
• New Applet tag LOADSTATEONSTARTUP for forcing State to load on start-up
• Sound channel information is now included in Save State files
• Settings file can be used to store Controls in both Standalone and Applet versions
• Press ‘chevron’ to swap between controlling Player 1 and Player 2
• Special thanks to Daniel Fisher from www.everyvideogame.com for his help.

Télécharger NESCafe 1.03 (516,6 Ko)

Télécharger Kymaera (WIN) 2.02 (12,1 Mo)

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