Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GameBoy N&B/Color dont voici les nouveautés:

– Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed the error in loading of save states files and input files created by
* When switching from a GBC game to a GB game, the colors of the startup
screen were incorrect. Fixed.
* Joypad/joystick support was broken. Fixed.
* In R-Type, the game could not be paused. Fixed.
* Pokemon Card GB no longer exit with invalid opcode error.
* The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
~ Armour Force (the color of the first enemy should be « colorless » and
that of the third should be « colorless » at the start but becomes normal
after awhile)
~ Buster Brother (the countdown just before game play screen should start
at 9 and immediately set to 8)
~ Dracula Densetsu II (garbage quickly flashed up during startup)
~ F-1 Racing Championship (the very top few lines corrupted during playing
the video)
~ Go Go Tank (the short flashing line just below the status window should
start at the middle of the wall (cliff) and end at the wall)
~ Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru (missing the top line at the title screen)
~ NASCAR Challenge (the color of the line between the road and the status
window should be blue instead of black)
~ Parodius (the laser beams should not draw over the player and options)
~ Rescue Heroes – Fire Frency (screen flashed up quickly just before game
play of Animal Rescue)
~ Space Invasion (garbage appeared in the screen before game play)
~ Top Ranking Tennis (the shadow should not cover the players’ feet)

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