Entre fake et réalité il y a de quoi newser (mince ça rîme!). Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Super NES. Il émule déjà des jeux difficiles (qui contiennent des processeurs additionnels dans la cartouche) comme Super Mario RPG Yoshi Island ou Dungeon Master..

– Added Export Data to the State Manager (wram, vram, dma and spcram)
– Added commandline loading of files
– Added Preliminary support for WLA Symbol files (breakpoints only)
– Fixed Serial data ports to correctly spool bit data
– Added Preliminary support for Super Turbo File and Turbo File
– Updated CPU timing to match hardware specifications
– Replaced CPU Operation Code timing with Cycle-by-Cycle
– Fixed SA-1 Normal DMA, was using CPU Bus instead of SA-1 Bus
– Fixed BS-X Mapping Registers incase ‘BS-X.SRM’ already exists and is corrupt
– Fixed SA-1 BWRAM Size Detection
– Added a couple more PCB types (thanks to JohnDie and the Dumper)
– Updated Licensee Names to match information obtained from the Nintendo Website
– Now using Maker Code instead of License Code for License Names
– Added hints to the Gamepak Properties Window
– Updated Sleuth.db

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