Nouvelle preview pour le meilleur émulateur Nec PC Engine.

PR10 Fix:
– fixed DirectX vsync bug
– fixed Street Fighter II’ 6-button bug
– fixed a few more glitches in HuCard games

– completed the DirectX driver!
– added a new command line option ‘-nocd’ to disable the CD driver; useful when running ROMs from a front end program, this will speed up MagicEngine startup time.
– new ‘driver’ option in the pce.ini file to select the video driver (DirectX or OpenGL).
– new ‘background_scrolling’ option to enable/disable MagicEngine logo scrolling in the GUI.
– enabled ALT+ENTER key to toggle between fullscreenwindowed.
– fixed screen centering in Aoi Blink, After Burner II and TV Sports Basketball.
– fixed minor glitches in a few HuCard games.

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