Voici les nouveaux builds WIP de Zsnes compilé par Ipher et dont voici les nouveautés:

– ALL: Sets % to execute like the ASM used to. [grinvader]
– ALL: Pass some more tests on the test cart [pagefault]
– ALL: Adjusted openbus behaviour of registers, this is a WIP so bleh [pagefault]
– ALL: Added detection code for MMX2 [pagefault]
– ALL: Fixed a logic bug in windowing/transparency code (Bug #24) [pagefault]
– ALL: Check extended CPUID for MMX extensions on Athlon (pre XP) processors [pagefault]
– ALL: Added pause and frame increment buttons [Nach, ipher]
– ALL: Key combo issues for P5 fixed [grinvader, ipher]
– ALL: Fixed Mode 4 rendering (TG3K and DKC3 are among those that were affected). [pagefault]
– ALL: Updated BG scroll latch behaviour. [pagefault]
– ALL: Fixed windowing bugs. [pagefault]
– ALL: Fixed sprite and subscreen logic. [pagefault]
– ALL: Loop count fix. [grinvader]
– ALL: Updated commandline parameters; added movie options, merged between ports. [Nach]
– SDL: Fixed logic in home path. [Nach]
– SDL: Fixed NTSC timer. [pagefault]
– SA1: Improved the core. [pagefault]
– DSP4: More optimizations, fixed attractor (thanks Mr. Anonymous) [Nach]
– GUI: Text within boxes in the Netplay window now have shadows. Cursor shadow still to come! [ipher]
– GUI: Some menues cleaned up/reorganized. [ipher]
– JMA: Fixed some bugs in decompression. Improved performance. Lower memory requirements. Support for JMA v1 files. [Nach]
– ZMV: Improved format with compression and info stored. Can now rerecord via save states or rewind. Can add and seek chapters. Can show frame count. Multiple start methods. Can record reset in a movie. Brought back our old desynability from v0.9xx. [Nach, grinvader, ipher]
– ZMV: Subtitles handled better. [Nach]
– ZST: Old save states working again. [Nach]
– SRC: No return statement in the middle of a function! [pagefault]
– SRC: Started porting memmap code to C [grinvader]
– SRC: Layed out ground work to make memmap code easier to read and work with. [Nach]
– SRC: Call NASM.EXE instead of NASMW.EXE, for all MS builds. [Nach]

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