Cardite est un utilitaire pour gérer les memory card playstation. Voici les nouveautées :

· Added Save Memory Card feature!
· Fixed bug that would cause program to crash if you clicked save without selecting a Card tab.
· CGT Parser introduced. Now informs user of CGT errors, gives line number and filename.
· Improved CGT error detection.
· More work done on CGT code. Still no quantity support, so inputbox was removed.
· CGT Comment function. CGT files can now be commented by using ‘.
· Added About box and button.
· Added Block Editing Feature. Select a block and then right click to perform a cut, copy, paste or erase.
· Block Editing not supported on multiblock saves. Will add in new version.
· Removed Free/Marked as Free box pending usefulness.
· Card Tab labels now renamed to the filename of the memory card they are editing.

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