A chaque jour sa nouvelle révision du Command.dat anglais (command.dat permet à Mame/Mame32 Plus! et FX d’afficher les coups d’un jeu, dans l’émulateur).

I’m beginning to think I’m starting to have too much fun with this file now. Today I added Battle Arena TohShinDen 2 to the dat, as well as finishing up adding some Common Commands to the games I first did. However, I took a drastic departure today as well, and wrote up an entry for Pac-Man, and Ms. Pac-Man. Yes, you read that right. I’m going to start doing mini game manuals for some of the more popular classic games. Unlike the MAMEInfo.dat and History.dat, which write a little bit about every game, I plan to write a large entry, but only about a few games. If you’re a big video game history buff and would like a little laugh, check out Pong.

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