Voici le portage de Bliss sous Windows. Anciennement connu sous le nom de Xanadu. Un must pour les nostalgique du Mattel Intellivision. En voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed a major performance bottleneck in the use of the Direct3D Present()
function. Turns out there is a big difference between « IMMEDIATE » and
« DONOTWAIT » that the Direct3D docs don’t exactly make clear. The end result
is that the emulation should be MUCH smoother for everyone in this release.
– Enabled Electronic Computer System (ECS) support. Games that used the ECS
now work correctly, including The Jetsons, Melody Blaster, Mind Strike,
Mr. Basic, Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase, the Song Players, and World Series
Major League Baseball. The input configuration dialog still needs some
cleanup work related to the ECS, but at least it’s functional for now.
– Added support for banked ROMs in cartridges. As a result, World Series Major
League Baseball now works correctly.
– Fixed several collision detection problems (Space Spartans, Mouse Trap, etc.)
– Reworked .bin/.int support to no longer use bin2rip.exe. The database of
known cartridges is exposed in the file « knowncarts.cfg ». If you update
this file to add new cartridges or fix existing mappings, please send
me your updates so others can benefit.
– Several carts in .bin/.int format that were not loading properly are
now working (AD&D Treasure of Tarmin, for example).
– Added support for cartridge RAM. Land Battle and USCF Chess are now
– Added .zip support. Bliss will search for the first .bin or .int file
found in the .zip that matches a known configuration in the « knowncarts.cfg »
database and attempt to load it.
– Reworked .rom support to no longer use rom2rip.exe

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