MamePlus est également à jour avec l’update d’Aaron.

– Updated to MAME 0.96u1 and MAME32 0.96.
– Changed loading history/command data files to support separated version.
For example, search order: ssf2xj -lang jp.
+ langja_JPhistoryssf2xj.dat for ssf2xj.
+ langja_JPhistory.dat for ssf2xj.
+ historyssf2xj.dat for ssf2xj.
+ history.dat for ssf2xj.
+ langja_JPhistoryssf2.dat for ssf2xj.
+ langja_JPhistoryssf2.dat for ssf2.
+ langja_JPhistory.dat for ssf2.
+ historyssf2.dat for ssf2xj.
+ historyssf2.dat for ssf2.
+ history.dat for ssf2.

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