Mise à jour de cet émulateur méconnu du grand public mais qui émule pourtant quelques jeux sympas.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

Source Changes
Added 4 different crosshair styles to differentiate different players’
crosshairs. [Aaron Giles]
Rewrote vidhrdw/wecleman.c to make the code more readable. [Aaron Giles]
Fixed game reset in galaxian due to running out of timers. [Aaron Giles]
Added thrash protection emulation to the NVRAM in coolpool.c. [Aaron Giles]
Improved Windows-specific memory debugging to track file/line numbers for
allocations. This required a couple of changes to the core makefile.
[Aaron Giles]
Fixed remaining memory leaks in the new debugger code, and one in the
artwork system. [Aaron Giles]
Cleaned up several video drivers that were using non-auto memory allocation
functions for bitmaps and memory. [Aaron Giles]
Rewrote the RF5C68 sound emulator from the specs, improving sound in the
System 18 games. [Aaron Giles]
Replaced some logerror()/exit(), printf()/exit() and fprintf()/exit()
combinations against an osd_die() call. [Firewave]
Added logerror and memdump commands to the new debugger. [Nathan Woods]
In the PowerPC core, implemented the SMI input line, and added a placeholder
for the TLBISYNC input line (doesn’t do anything yet). Also implemented the
TBU special variable on the 603. [Nathan Woods]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Super Bishi Bashi Championship [David Haywood]

Voici les builds compilés par nous.

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