Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de NES écrit en java dont voici les nouveautés:

NESCafe Improvements
– Support for recording and playing back Movie recordings of Games
– Game Genie Applet Tag GAMEGENIE has been added
– Added Game Subtitles (currently only for Punch-Out but more to come)
– Display the 64 Sprite Tiles by hitting F9.
– Change emulation speed by hitting F11 (to decrease) or F12 (to increase)
– Save States file is tagged format and has embedded screenshot.
– Uusers can browse the Saved States by screenshots.
– Improved the Debug Engine (press F5 to enter Debug Mode)
– Added DISABLEDEBUG Applet Tag to prevent Debugger being used.

Emulation Improvements
– 4 CPU Cycles between start of Vertical Blank and NMI Interrupt
– Zero Page Y wraps correctly (Cheers Blue Hawk)
– Indirect X and Indirect Y wraps correctly (Cheers Blue Hawk)
– ADC and SBC Overflow Flag logic has been corrected
– Reserved Bit is set for PHP instruction (Cheers Blue Hawk)
– Fixed NMI and IRQ by setting the Reserved Bit
– Reset Sound Hardware on Game Load
– Sprite limit set when 8 or more sprites encountered on scan-line.

Télécharger NESCafe 1.03 (516,6 Ko)

Télécharger Kymaera (WIN) 2.02 (12,1 Mo)

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