UME (Universal Machine Emulator) est le projet qui relie MAME et MESS (32 + 64 bits) dans un seul émulateur multi-usages. Couplé au frontend QMC2, vous pouvez alors utiliser tous les fichiers Mame extras & Mess Extras.


Télécharger UME (x86 & x64) v0.158 (49,4 Mo)

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Ces fichiers ini sont a mettre dans le répertoire « folders » de MAMEUI (ou clones). Il propose un tri des jeux par catégorie, année de sortie, version de Mame…


Télécharger MAMEUI Inifiles v0.158 (575,7 Ko)

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Il s’agit d’un fichier DAT tenu par MASH regroupant toutes les infos du site « ». Il donne des infos sur l’émulation des jeux sous MAME, c’est a dire le développement, les bugs, les améliorations…


Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.158 (2,4 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un frontend destiné à MESS. Un miroir est disponible sur le site de Progetto.


Télécharger MESSUI (x86) v0.158 (11,2 Mo)

Télécharger MESSUI (x64) v0.158 (11,9 Mo)

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En savoir plus…

Comme toujours, MESS est également à jour, les nouveautés sont les suivantes:



MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05795: [Misc.] (ampro.c) ampro: Does not want to start! (Robbbert)
- 05758: [Crash/Freeze] (sun3.c) sun3_80: [debug] Assert shortly after start

New System Drivers Supported:
-Japanese Speak & Spell [plgDavid]
-Electronic Detective [hap, Sean Riddle]
-Split Second [hap, Sean Riddle]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
-HP9000/310 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP9000/340 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP9000/380 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP9000/382 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP16500a (ver 00.00) [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP 1650b [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-HP 1651b [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
-VTech Genius Junior Redstar 2 (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-VTech Genius Junior Movie (Germany) [TeamEurope] 
-VTech Genius Winner Notebook Fun (Germany) [TeamEurope]
-Slicer 80186 single board computer [Carl]

Software Lists:
-ibm5170.xml: Added Multitasking MS-DOS 4.00. [PCjs Project]

-Added VTech Genius Junior Movie softlist. [TeamEurope]

-gamegear.xml: Fixed some unknown publishers and years. [Logan B]

Source Changes
-hp9k_3xx: support 9000/370 (same bootrom as 330,340). [Al Kossow]

-Improve mouse tracking for pre-ADB Macs. [Rob Braun]

-Fix dropped keystrokes on pre-ADB Macs. [Rob Braun]

-macplus: add all 3 official boot ROMs plus a homebrew enhanced
 version. [R. Belmont, Rob Braun]

-ap2_dsk: don't allocate 2Mb of *stack*, malloc() instead
 [Peter Ferrie]

-mac: greatly improve keyboard reliability on Macs with
 first-generation ADB hardware (SE,II,IIx,IIcx,SE/30,IIci). [Rob Braun]

-ui: when ESCing while creating a new floppy image, fall back to
 the correct menu. [Fabio Priuli]

-gamate : added newer bios and emulated protection [PeT]

-floppy.c: initialise error code instead of crashing when menu
 loads bad image [Peter Ferrie]

-pc9821ap2: added newly dumped BIOS [caius]

-Significant comment updates for the IAI Swyft based on board
 tracing. [Lord Nightmare, Sandy Bumgarner]

-nes: converted input code to use slot devices. this means that now you
change the emulated controllers (Zapper, NES Four Score Adapter, Bandai
Power Pad and Family Trainer, Famicom Keyboard Component, Arkanoid Vaus
Paddle and Mahjong Controller) via the Slot Device menu of the UI interface and
not anymore from the System Configurations menu. Also, changing controller now
requires to reset the system, so please take some time *before* starting the game
if you want to play a game that uses particular controllers. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes: added emulation of the Konami Hyper Shot controllers, which are
necessary to play Hyper Olympics and Hyper Sports for Famicom. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes: added emulation of the Yonezawa Party Tap controllers, which are
necessary to play in more than two players some quiz games for Famicom. [Fabio

-nes: added emulation of the Pachinko controller used by a few pachinko
games for Famicom. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes: added emulation of the Epoch Barcode Battler unit (even if only as
Famicom controller, and not as a standalone unit) which is necessary to play
Barcode World for Famicom. [Fabio Priuli]

-sms/gamegear: misc improvements [Enik Land]
 * Renamed the gear2gear port to EXT port, after reading the references
   in the official GG documents
 * Invert Y1 pin signal bits: now high is 1 and low is 0;
 * More complete Y1 behavior: goes low only for transparent pixels;
 * Fix color of column 0 when it doesn't completely entered in the active display;
 * Improve behavior of sprite overflow, to not be flagged when VINT is active.


Télécharger MESS (x86) v0.158 (18,2 Mo)

Télécharger MESS (x64) v0.158 (19,0 Mo)

Télécharger MESS (Debug) v0.158 (19,6 Mo)

Télécharger MESS (i686) v0.158 (18,6 Mo)

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En savoir plus…

Nouvelle version de Mame dont voici les nouveautés:



MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01214: [Graphics] (dec0.c) bouldash, bouldashj: Fadeout/Fadein on 
  screen is the wrong speed slightly off (Angelo Salese)
- 05507: [Misc.] (model2.c) zerogun, zerogunj, zerogunaj, zeroguna: 
  AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow (David Haywood)
- 05828: [Gameplay] (punchout.c) spnchout,spnchouta,spnchoutj: Game 
  automatically resets at KO Time Best 3/Hit Average screen during attract mode. (hap)
- 05790: [Known Issues/To-Do's] (senjyo.c) All sets in senjyo.c: 
  m_int_delay_kludge removal. (Angelo Salese)
- 05816: [Crash/Freeze] (bfm_sc2.c) Several bfm_sc2.c sets: 
  [debug] Assertion (Osso)
- 05812: [Crash/Freeze] (maygay1bsw.c) m1bankrl, m1bankrl2p, m1bankrlp 
  / m4nod - mpu4.c: FATALERROR: Missing some required objects, unable to proceed (Osso)
- 05811: [Crash/Freeze] (maygay1bsw.c) Many sets in maygay1bsw.c: Crash after OK (Osso)
- 05763: [Interface] SDL-based builds (Windows only): If a path does not 
  exist, a file is not written.
- 02515: [Crash/Freeze] (zn.c) nbajamex: Hangs at black screen

Source Changes
-m68k: implement FTRAP instruction, add "68020 with FPU" CPU type.
 [R. Belmont]

-MCU simulation has been fixed
 [Chris Hard, Adrian Smethurst, Philip Campbell]

-winprefix: support some C99 extensions in older MSVC [Peter Ferrie]

-Make cross-compilation easier [Ramiro Polla]

-luaengine: add HUD-like capabilities [Luca Bruno]

-Added irq ack mechanism in Senjyo HW and removed long standing hack
 from the driver [Angelo Salese]

-SDL: Driver accel (draw13.c) now supports "-filter", i.e. bilinear
 filtering. [Couriersud]

-ui: Added "Reset" option to DipSwitch and ConfSettings menu, as well
 as to the File Manager, for consistency with other menus where an hard
 reset is of help [Fabio Priuli] 

-ui: Fixed DipLocation drawing so that it remains on screen also when 
 highlighting switches without locations [Fabio Priuli]

-Fix bug in work_osd.c causing discrete sound to crash.
 [Tafoid, Haze, Couriersud]

-Move definition of -DOSD_WINDOWS, -DOSD_SDL and -DOSD_MINI into
 $(OSD).mak. Added sanity check to makefile. [Couriersud]

-zn: implement (incomplete?) ROM banking in nbajamex, shows some
 graphics now [Peter Ferrie]

-ui: start displaying the device tag close to input names for the
 dynamical inputs which use PORT_DEVICE, so to avoid some weird quirks
 in the input menus when slot devices are modified. [Fabio Priuli]

-Converted png2bcd tool to python [Andrew Gardner]

-luaengine: expose device state entries [Luca Bruno]

-ui: added "[Internal]" string to slot options that are not
 user-configurable and fixed some internal options displayed as
 "scrollable". [Fabio Priuli]

-ui: simplified Image Information code and made it fully display for
 systems with many image devices. [Fabio Priuli]

-Redumped ROM and made Eleven Beat to surpass "Joystick Type Error"
 message. Crashes at kick off though [brizzo, Zoinkity, Angelo Salese]

-chdman: added -s/--size parameter for "createhd" to create blank
 harddisk based on size and sector size [Oliver Stöneberg]

-ui: added barebone menu for device-specific options. click on any slot
 device option to see whether it is currently mounted or not, and which
 additional options depend on the selected value. [Fabio Priuli]

-ui: fixed bug where slot options set via internal UI did not properly
 create their sub-options. [Fabio Priuli]

-Partial netlist sound implementation for Mario Bros. Luigi sound is
 missing. By default, the previous discrete.h based sound is compiled.
 Those curious can change OLD_SOUND to 0 in mario.h. [Couriersud]

-naomi.c: redumped vstrik3c, both existing and new dumps were BAD, made
 one good-looking from them [ANY, MetalliC]

-naomi.c: redumped vstrik3c, both existing and new dumps were BAD, made
 one good-looking from them [ANY, MetalliC]

-twinkle.c: the 68000 & SPU board now process commands, some sound f/x
 play now.  [R. Belmont]

-ui: stop the game selector reporting systems with no roms as missing
 files. [Fabio Priuli]

-ui: when launching systems with mandatory carts, either from command
 line or from the game selector, prompt the user with the file manager
 menu so that he can mount a game where needed, instead of killing
 emulation with an error. [Fabio Priuli]

-Updates to SEGA 315-5881 encryption / compression device emulation
  [Andreas Naive, Metallic, David Haywood, ANY] 
 * update algorithm based on based on findings from Virtua Striker 2 '98
 * correctly hooked up chip in ST-V, Model 2 and Model 3 drivers
 * added support for multiple blocks in encrypted streams
 * added support for different height/widths of compressed data steams
 * found keys for many games allowing for per-game simulations to be removed
   and fixing badly decompressed graphics in several games
 * found some correlation between keys and Sega part numbers

    - For ST-V :
    - Final Fight Revenge boots and is playable
    - Elandoree has correct textures, more playable
    - Astra Super Stars no longer relies on a fake ROM from the Saturn
    - Tecmo World Cup '98 has correct Tecmo logo / Title screen
    - Steep Slope Sliders, Radiant Silvergun no longer use custom protection
      simulations (end result is the same)

    - For Model 2:
    - Zero Gunner, Pilot Kids and Dynamite Cop no longer use custom protection
      simulations (end result is the same)

    - For Model 3:
    - Dirt Devils, Magical Truck Adventure, Virtual On 2 and Machineguns
      correctly decrypts 2D graphics
    - Daytona USA 2 correctly decrypts encrypted code block, no longer
      requires ROM patches to avoid it
       * key for Daytona USA 2 Power Edition cannot be found with current
         understanding of the algorithm
    - Star Wars Trilogy, Spikeout, Fighting Vipers 2, Emergency Call
      Ambulance, and The Ocean Hunter no longer use custom protection
      simulation (end result is the same)
    - Virtua Striker 2 '98 / '99 (Model 3) no longer hang at kickoff
      (previous simulation was wrong?)
    - For Hikaru:
    - Star Wars Arcade Racer now has a key (315-5881 is not hooked up
      in the driver because it does not get far enough in MAME)

-updates to the Sega 315-5838 / 317-0029 compression device [David Haywood]
 * Documented 315-5838 as the Decathlete protection chip
 * Identified 317-0029 (Dead of Alive) as another version of the same thing
   based on information from Guru
 * Split 'decathlt' handling from stv.c and made into a device, moved the
   'doa' simulation from model2.c in there too (preliminary, preparation
   to merge code)
 * No functional improvements at this time, just refactoring.

-ui: improved File Manager so that attempts to launch softlist entries
 without having the necessary files don't kill emulation but simply
 display a message to the user. [Fabio Priuli]

-*nix: Bump version and date in man pages. [Wallyweek]

-hikaru.c: added protection key for sgnascar [MetalliC]

-ui: fixed bug where software items that shall create new image devices
 (e.g., passthru carts) or new slot options, failed to do so when
 loaded through the File Manager in the internal UI. [Fabio Priuli]

-Fixed non-terrain colors in Top Landing (also fixed out-of-bounds
 palette crash bug in it) [Angelo Salese]

-Emergency Call Ambulance, Daytona USA 2, L.A. Machineguns, Magical
 Truck Adventure, Virtual On 2 protection keys [Metallic]

-SDL keeps adding SDL_HINTs with every patch release. [qmc2]

-nbajamex: Implemented ROM banking, game coins up and is playable.
 [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]

-core: Add per-game parameters [O. Galibert]

 Per-game parameters are (tag, value) pairs that follow the same tag
 structure than everything else.  They're added within a ROM section
 with ROM_PARAMETER(tag, value).  You look them up through the device
 method parameter(tag) which returns the string, or "" if not present. 

-i386: sse opcodes improvements [Samuele Zannoli]
 * add opcodes MOVHLPS MOVLHPS
 * The safer implementation is needed in cases where the source and
   destination registers are the same.

-Solaris 11 build support. [Couriersud]

-replace 'discof' dump with a new one [f205v]

-added preliminary emulation of video screen on Caveman (Exidy
 Pinball) [David Haywood]

-updated funkball.c to use intelfsh.c for Flash Rom handling, making
 use of bankdev to provide a virtual space in which they map
  [David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Star Trek (Sidam, Head On hardware) [Piero Andreini, PaTrYcK]
Endless Riches [Brian Troha]
Pop'n Music 3 (ver JA-A) [R. Belmont]
Come Back Toto [system11, David Haywood]
NBA Jam Extreme [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]
Final Fight Revenge [Metallic]
Player's Edge Plus (PS0366) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PS0372) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PS0373) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots [BrianT]

New clones added
Over Drive (set 2) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Over Drive (set 3) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Asia 960208) [ArcadeHacker]
Black Widow (prototype) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0038) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0116) Standard Draw Poker (Mirage) [BrianT]
Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan 920611, B-Board 90629B-3, no
  battery) [manimani]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Shakatto Tambourine (Rev B) (GDS-0002B) [rtw, ShouTime]
Space Train [f205v]
Missile-X [TTL]  [Andrew Welburn]


Télécharger MAME v0.158 (19,2 Mo)

Télécharger MAME (64 bits) v0.158 (20,6 Mo)

Télécharger MAME (Debug) v0.158 (21,2 Mo)

Télécharger MAME (i686) v0.158 (19,7 Mo)

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En savoir plus…

Il ne s’agit pas d’un émulateur multi-systèmes mais d’une archive regroupant tous les émulateurs de Takeda.


Elle inclut:


– Emu5: Emulateur de SORD m5
– EmuLTI8: Emulateur de MITSUBISHI Elec. MULTI8
– EmuPIA: Emulateur de TOSHIBA PASOPIA
– EmuPIA7: Emulateur de TOSHIBA PASOPIA7 et LCD
– EmuZ-80B: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-80B
– EmuZ-80K: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-80K
– EmuZ-700: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-700
– EmuZ-800: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-800
– EmuZ-1200: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-1200
– EmuZ-1500: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-1500
– EmuZ-2200: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-2200
– EmuZ-2500: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-2500
– EmuZ-2800: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-2800
– EmuZ-3500: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-3500
– EmuZ-5500: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-5500
– EmuZ-6500: Emulateur de SHARP MZ-6500/6550
– eBabbage-2nd: Emulateur de Gijutsu-Hyoron-Sha Babbage-2nd
– eFamilyBASIC: Emulateur de Nintendo Family BASIC
– eFM-16pi: Emulateur de FUJITSU FM-16pi
– eFMR-30: Emulateur de FUJITSU FMR-30
– eFMR-50: Emulateur de FUJITSU FMR-50
– eFMR-60: Emulateur de FUJITSU FMR-60
– eFP-200: Emulateur de CASIO FP-200
– eFP-1100: Emulateur de CASIO FP-1100
– eHC-20: Emulateur de EPSON HC-20/HX-20
– eHC-40: Emulateur de EPSON HC-40/PX-4
– eHC-80: Emulateur de EPSON HC-80/PX-8/Geneva
– eHANDY98: Emulateur de NEC PC-98HA (HANDY98)
– eJ-3100GT: Emulateur de TOSHIBA J-3100GT
– eJ-3100SL: Emulateur de TOSHIBA J-3100SL
– eJX: Emulateur de IBM Japan Ltd PC/JX
– eMAP-1010: Emulateur de SEIKO MAP-1010
– eMYCOMZ-80A: Emulateur de Japan Electronics College MYCOMZ-80A
– eN5200: Emulateur de NEC N5200
– ePC-8001mkIISR: Emulateur de NEC PC-8001mkIISR
– ePC-8201: Emulateur de NEC PC-8201/PC-8201A
– ePC-8801MA: Emulateur de NEC PC-8801MA
– ePC-9801: Emulateur de NEC PC-9801
– ePC-9801E: Emulateur de NEC PC-9801E/F/M
– ePC-9801VM: Emulateur de NEC PC-9801VM
– ePC-98LT: Emulateur de NEC PC-98LT
– ePC-98DO: Emulateur de NEC PC-9801DO
– ePC-100: Emulateur de NEC PC-100
– ePC-3200: Emulateur de SHARP PC-3200
– ePC-ENGINE: Emulateur de NEC PC-ENGINE / SuperGrafx
– ePHC-20: Emulateur de SANYO PHC-20 emulator
– ePHC-25: Emulateur de SANYO PHC-25 emulator
– ePV-1000: Emulateur de CASIO PV-1000
– EmuGaki: Emulateur de CASIO PV-2000
– ePyuTa: Emulateur de TOMY PyuTa / PyuTa Jr
– ePX-7: Emulateur de Pioneer PX-7 (MSX1 + LaserDisc)
– eQC-10: Emulateur de EPSON QC-10/QX-10
– eRX-78: Emulateur de BANDAI RX-78
– eSC-3000: Emulateur de SEGA SC-3000
– eSCV: Emulateur de EPOCH Super Cassette Vision
– eTK-80BS: Emulateur de NEC TK-80BS (COMPO BS/80)
– eX-07: Emulateur de CANON X-07
– eX1: Emulateur de SHARP X1
– eX1twin: Emulateur de SHARP X1twin
– eX1turbo: Emulateur de SHARP X1turbo
– eYS-6464A: Emulateur de Shinko Sangyo YS-6464A


A cela s’ajoutent les émulateurs suivants :


– yaGAMEGEAR: Emulateur de  SEGA GAME GEAR (by Mr.tanam)
– yaMASTERSYSTEM: Emulateur de  SEGA MASTER SYSTEM (by Mr.tanam)
– yaPC-6001: Emulateur de  NEC PC-6001 (by Mr.tanam)
– yaPC-6201: Emulateur de  NEC PC-6001mkII (by Mr.tanam)
– yaPC-6601: Emulateur de  NEC PC-6601 /SR (by Mr.tanam)


Télécharger Takeda Common Binaries (28/01/2015) (12,4 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de MS-DOS en ligne de commande destiné à Windows x86-64. Version dédiée à l’émulation des processeurs i286/i386/i486.


Télécharger MSDos Player for Win32-x64 (28/01/2015) (1,5 Mo)

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En savoir plus…

Un émulateur de GameBoy Advance écrit en langage C par Jeffrey Pfau (endrift) et basé (sensiblement) sur GBA.js et qui a comme objectif d’être un émulateur de haute qualité. Disponible pour Windows (Vista et +), Linux et Mac OSX.



  • ARM7: Fix LDM writeback to a register already written
  • GBA: Fix timers 2 and 3 updating incorrectly
  • GBA Audio: Make larger buffer sizes than 2048 actually work properly
  • GBA Audio: Fix GB audio channels being too quiet (fixes #159)
  • GBA Audio: Properly initialize audio FIFO channels
  • GBA BIOS: Fix HLE Lz77 and RL functions to properly account for width and invalid addresses
  • GBA BIOS: Fix BIOS prefetch after returning from a SWI
  • GBA BIOS: Fix LZ77UnCompVram to use 16-bit loads from decompressed memory
  • GBA BIOS: Fix HuffUnComp to work when games pass an invalid bit length
  • GBA BIOS: Fix GetBiosChecksum to return the value of a real GBA, regardless of used BIOS
  • GBA BIOS: Fix HuffUnComp boundary conditions
  • GBA Memory: Don’t call into GPIO write calls if GPIO devices are absent
  • GBA Memory: Properly initialize 1 Mb flash, and add debug logging
  • GBA Memory: Filter out top nybble of DMA addresses
  • GBA Memory: Properly bounds-check VRAM accesses
  • GBA Memory: Fix initial DMA state
  • GBA Thread: Allow halted games to exit cleanly
  • GBA Video: Fix blend issues with obscured middle layers
  • GBA Video: Fix windows not disabling target 1 appropriately (fixes #161)
  • GBA Video: Fix sprite mis-ordering behavior in some cases (fixes #168)
  • GBA Video: Fix window interactions with 16-color mode 0 mosaic
  • GBA Video: Fix sprite boundary conditions with mosaic
  • GBA Video: Fix mode 0 being able to read tiles above appropriate tile range
  • Qt: Fix issue with set frame sizes being the wrong height
  • Qt: Fix emulator crashing when full screen if a game is not running
  • Qt: Fix window focus issues
  • Qt: Properly set default video recording settings
  • Qt: Fix a race condition when a game crashes immediately
  • Qt: Fix some cases where key mapping can break if focus is adjusted
  • Qt: Fix crash if a game pauses before any frames are shown
  • Debugger: Negative PC-relative loads now properly subtract the offset
  • Debugger: Align PC-relative loads in Thumb
  • Debugger: Fix watchpoints triggering too late
  • Debugger: Fix binary print putting spaces between digits
  • Video: Ensure FFmpeg encoder has audio frames
  • Video: Fix uncompressed PCM audio recording
  • Video: Fix FFmpeg crashing when the file extension is wrong
  • Util: Fix SOCKET_FAILED macro



  • GBA: Exit cleanly on FATAL if the port supports it
  • GBA Memory: Implement 16- and 32-bit loads from SRAM
  • Qt: Disable sync to video by default
  • Qt: Handle a game crash without crashing
  • Qt: Set default log level to FATAL, ERROR and WARN
  • Qt: Clarify some phrasing in the menus
  • Qt: Clear active buttons when focus is lost


Télécharger mGBA v0.1.1 (13,2 Mo)

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En savoir plus…

La référence. Il s’agit du meilleur émulateur Sony Playstation, fonctionnant avec un système de plugins compatibles PSEMU Pro.




- Added HLE bios support (an official PS1 is recommend yet). From this version ePSXe can run games without an official PS1 bios. Compatibility is lower and memcards support limited.
VERY IMPORTANT: Savestates done with a official PS1 bios are NOT compatible with savestates done with ePSXe HLE bios (Besides it uses a different namespace).
– Fixed multi-bin format in Windows version (redump format). Now it supports the games saved in multiple bins files + cue file directly.
– Better SBI subchannel support (for example in Medievil) and fixed SBI in games with ECM format. Added SBI support in MDS/MDF format.
– Added support to save memcards by game. Enabling this option it will create 2 memcards by everygame in memcards/games/ folder, using the serial of the game. In multidisc games, it will share the same memcards by all of discs
– Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made almost 20 more games playable or working better like. For example this fixed: Arcade Party Pak: Rampage now works, Crash Bash: Pause menu now works, Final Fantasy V, Junclassic C.C. & Rope club, Kamen Rider v3, Minakatakudou Toujyou, NHL Face Off 2001, Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.3, Omizu no Hanamichi, Sentient (-i), Simple 1500 Series Vol.006 – The Hanafuda [Rerelease], Standby Say You, Tombi, Tombi 2, Twins Story – Kimi ni Tsutaetakute, Vanark: Pause menu now works, Worms Armageddon, Yuukyuu no Eden – The Eternal Eden, Yeh Yeh Tennis
– New experimental dmachaincore that maybe can fix some graphic glitches in some games like Tomb Raider Chronicles or Metal Gear Solid. Usage execute epsxe.exe -dmachaincore


Télécharger ePSXe v1.9.25 (902,8 Ko)

Télécharger ePSXe Fully Loaded v1.9.25 (8,0 Mo)

Télécharger ePSXe Shaders Pack (19/04/2014) (1,8 Mo)

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ZXMAK2 est un émulateur de Sinclair Zx Spectrum écrit en C# émulant également les machines suivantes :

– ZX Spectrum 48
– ZX Spectrum 128
– ZX Spectrum +3
– Pentagon 128/512/1024
– ATM 4.50
– ATM 7.10
– PROFI 3.xx
– PROFI 5xx
– QUORUM 256
– Leningrad 1
– LEC 48/528
– et quelques variantes

Il nécessite DirectX9 et .NET Framework 4.0.


Changements :
- major sound improvements (added oversampling for AY8910, fixed common sound mixer, fixed AY mixer & generator, etc);
– fix AY8910 mixer & noise;
– minor sync stability improvements;
– minor fix for the emulation loop;
– fix support for 100 Hz displays;
– fix Sprinter ULA and Memory device compatibility;
– change plugins lookup to load assemblies from plugins.config;
– add GDB server debugger;
– a lot of code refactoring;


Télécharger ZXMAK2 v2.9.0.38062 Beta (3,0 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’une mise à jour du pack d’icônes de Mamu_ par Antopisa. Celle-ci est  non officielle mais est tolérée par Mamu_, en attendant une véritable mise à jour officielle.


Télécharger MAMU Icons Pack Update (non officielle) v0.157 (828,6 Ko)

Site Officiel

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