Le développement de cet émulateur a débuté le 14/10/2004. Sa priorité est de servir d’outil de débugging et de posséder un code propre. Sa compatibilité est de l’odre de 10-20% et requiert une configuration assez musclée en comparaison avec ses concurrents.

– HDMA was not running during DMA transfers
– Emulator did not recognize any filetype other than .smc
– Added configuration file support and imported my vector/string/config libraries into bsnes
– Added option to use system RAM instead of video RAM for display, this can greatly increase speed on certain video cards
– Increased speed by ~15% by adding 256×224 renderer (still very buggy when the SNES mixes video modes mid-frame) mvn/mvp opcodes were not setting the DB register
– Fixed joypad input in many games (Super Mario: All Stars, Dragon Quest III, etc.)
– Major speedup with frakeskip option
– Fixed default aspect ratio when emulator is first started

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