Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de MSX dont voici les nouveautés assez nombreuses:

New or improved emulator features:
– New scaler: HQ2xLite. This is a scaler that is almost as good as HQ2x, but
uses a lot less CPU.
– Added DirectSound driver for Windows, which solves the problems some people
had with SDL on Windows. It also runs at a lower latency than the SDL driver.
Many thanks to Daniel Vik for helping with DirectSound. To switch between the
DirectSound and SDL sound drivers, use the new « sound_driver » setting.
– Improved debugger, with some new (TCL based) commands like disasm, step_in,
step_over and run_to.
– Extended IPS patch support, it should now support all IPS files.
– Updated ROM database.
– Added trainers.tcl: hundreds of game trainers. Use trainer_[TAB] in the
console to switch on the trainer for the game you want.
– Added a cheat finder script: create your own game trainers. For an
explanation how to use it, see this openMSX forum post:
– Use revamped console background and font as default. If you’re upgrading from
an older openMSX version and want to use this new background and font, you
can either remove your settings.xml file or type the following lines in the
openMSX console:
set consolebackground skins/ConsoleBackgroundGrey.png
set consolefont skins/ConsoleFontRaveLShaded.png
– New icon, made by Eric Boon.

MSX device support:
– Updated Okazaki YM2413 core (now the default).
– Added pixel accurate rendering to V9990 emulation. Note that the timing may
still be quite incorrect.
– Improved timing on turbo R machines. For example, speed difference between
R800-ROM and R800-DRAM mode is now emulated.
– Various IDE fixes from Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha.

Build system, packaging, documentation:
– Compile fixes for GCC 4.x.
– Added experimental build support for Sparc, DEC Alpha, ARM, HP PA-RISC, IA-64,
Motorola 680×0, MIPS and IBM S/390. Except for Sparc these are all untested.
– openMSX is now relocatable on Mac OS X, which means you can move the
installation directory around.
– Our Debian packages are now uploaded to the Debian archive, soon after
– Updated C-BIOS to 0.21.

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