Ciro as mit en ligne la version 3.0 du meilleur Frontend pour mame avec, comme d’habitude, énormement d’améliorations:

Added a Search For Invalid Pictures option (main menu Pictures)

After searching, if there are invalid pictures (pictures that are not being used by Emu Loader), you will be prompted to save the list in an external batch file

– Only valid pictures formats will be scanned: PNG, JPG and GIF extensions
– For extra pictures, both Emu Loader and M.A.M.E. formats will be scanned (gamename0000.png and game0000.png)
– Zipped and unzipped pictures are scanned
– Invalid pictures are not automatically deleted. you have to do this manually, with the generated .bat file, after the scanning
– Both zipped and unzipped pictures filenames are added into the list. This means that you must unzip the pictures before using the .bat file
– To delete images from .ZIP files, you will have to unzip them
A few optimizations on the language file (.lng)
The toolbar buttons are now moved automatically
If the main window is bigger than 1000 pixels, the second toolbar will be placed after the first one automatically
Removed the Toolbar2Position entry (Configuration section) from EmuLoader.ini file, since it’s not needed anymore
Added detection for clones of PGM games: Oriental Legend and Knights of Valour (case M.A.M.E. 0.61 supports them)
EL now uses a new component: Themes Manager
This component is only for WinXP themes. Now practically all visual bugs are gone
Fixed a lot of access violation errors when using WinXP with themes enabled, specially when the games list is on details mode! (thanks to the new Themes Manager component)
Left-clicking on the Favorite User button at the status bar, open the Favorite Users Manager window. Also, the hint changes, when loading / unloading favorite games
The games filter buttons are properly disabled when switching to a favorite games list
Lots of visual improvements. The label background bug is fixed! Try to change the effect option on MAME Default Options screen
to see what I mean… the background of the label stays transparent, and do not change to a solid color anymore (WinXP themed only)
Fixed a bug that was not loading the games paths after changing the ROMs paths in MAME Default Options screen
Added a new feature: Update Favorite Games List. With this, you can check your favorites lists to see if there are invalid games, and to update games with wrong information data. This option is on the toolbar in Favorite Users Manager screen

Usage: just select a favorite user and click on the check button

– This feature does not work with custom games, so, don’t add custom games to favorites lists
– All unknown games on a .fav file will be automatically deleted
– The games list used is the current .dat files from « resources » folder
Fixed an old bug on the favorite users feature. Now, if you create a new user, add a single game and load this newly created user, it will work
Thanks Marshall Brooks for helping me with this…
Fixed another bug related to favorite users. The Edit User option was not updating the file favorites.ini correctly and sometimes
not even renaming the .fav file, leaving it with a blank filename
Fixed a bug on the status bar display, when you activate/deactivate a user profile
Important note to all WinNT users:
EL doesn’t work very well on this OS, specially the favorites lists
The F.A.Q. button at buttons toolbar is now being properly handled when activating/deactivating an user profile… sorry, I forgot about this button
Due to a bug that can’t fix, the status bar on main screen, is not resized anymore when activating/deactivating an user profile…
… at least until I find a way
Fixed a bug when changing the Default Database Builder on Emulators Setup screen
Replaced all RxLabel components for the original Label. With this change, there will be no more shadowed labels in the frontend
Fixed the dark label on status window (was too difficult to read)
Removed the additional labels from the Check Boxes. All check boxes now use its own label. This way you can click anywhere
on the check box (including the label), and not only on the box itself. This is the correct behavior
Added translation to the Show / Hide Games List Columns screen
Fixed a very old bug when refreshing a single game. The refreshed game was not being correctly detected, making changes
to other games with similar description, like Metal Slug, The King of Fighters series… and many others
Fixed a bug that was not selecting the correct game, after refreshing the games list, and after changing the games filter
Added the Custom Initialization Options menu for PGM games, on Games main menu
Optimizations everywhere! The file EmuLoader.exe is 10 Kbytes smaller

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