Nouvelle release pour cet émulateur NeoGeo Pocket.

– Added support for sound emulation today.
Since compatiblility has been raised significantly I decided it was about
time to add sound. I was expecting it to be very difficult, instead it was
relatively painless. I must point out that I cannot take credit for most of
the core sound emulation, it was borrowed from the MAME source code, file
« sn76496.c ». I did write the DirectSound interface and buffering code
though! I’ve never written manual sound generation before, and it would have
taken a lot longer without it. Thanks to everyone involved in writing this
– Now for the bad news 🙂 The sound output is quite choppy – I don’t think
the timing is 100% accurate. Well, at least it’s a start!
– DAC sample playing is not supported as of yet, that means that the intro
to « Faselei! » is silent, along with a few other missing sounds in other
– I’ve added menu options for muting the sound (if the choppiness is too
much) and for switching between stereo and mono. The output frequency is
currently fixed at 44100hz, the option to change that will appear at a later
– The state of the sound chips is saved, requiring a change of version for
states – rendering old ones unusable. I have added this early so that it
causes a minimal disruption to people using saved states.
– No changes have been made to the emulation core. Compatibility remains the
same as version 0.40. A few minor bug fixes have been made though.

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