Une nouvelle version de ce plugin vidéo PSEmuPro (Direct 3D) est sortie. Voici ses nouveautées :

– Blending mode 1B – 1F (reverse subtraction) should be working a lot better on cards that don’t support this blending mode in hardware. (No more white shadows!)
– Read the changes for NextGL v1.9. They’re all here too 🙂
* Hardware T&L is not directly supported in this version!
– Removed « brightness » option from the screen config menu. Everything is taken care of automaticaly so the user doesn’t have to decide.
– Added P-Lines (proportional lines)
– Added 2xSaI textures
– Added fast texture uploading
– Added FPSE support
– Added the Dutch translation thanks to Dante « Toshin Fighting »!
– Added the Danish translation thanks to Mads Sabroe Jensen!
– Added the Finnish translation thanks to Taisto Kuikka!
– Added the French translation thanks to Eric Khodja and seb64!
– Added the German translation thanks to Nezzar!
– Added the Italian translation thanks to Darcome and Luke, lo Steccalecca!
– Added the Polish translation thanks to -=Elendil=-!
– Added the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation thanks to Fou-lu!
– Added the Portuguese (Standard) translation thanks to chikitop!
– Added the Spanish translation thanks to Tomas « Zanzetsuken » Hearne and Guillermo Steren!
– Added the Swedish translation thanks to Mikaelj and D-Code!
– Added texture alignment and filtering. See NextGL’s v1.12 changes in the readme.txt file for more details
– Fixed a memory leak during shut down
– Most of the MDEC stuff appears to be working really well now
– Updated the configuration guide to explain the two new texture filtering and alignment features

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