La version 4.5 de FreezeSMS vient de sortir. Voici les nombreuses nouveautées :

All :

– FreezeSMS won editors choice award on , Check it out 🙂
– Changed default priority of the FreezeSMS and base processes increasing speed and reducing latency.
– Fixed a multiple JOYSTICK plugged in issue with working out redundant joysticks
– Added RAPID fire buttons separately. You can now have normal and rapid fire buttons.
– Added Selectable NES Select and Start keys.
– Fixed a small emulation bug in the sound in regards to volume control
– Fixed a tiny thread leak bug, thanks Mike.
– KSCALE and KSCALE with 75% scanlines, filters added. 3 times faster then 2xSAI, Thanks bigly to KAWAKS (Mr K 🙂 team and Elsemi (Nebula)
– Reduced FreezeSMS executable size by 300kb without using compression
– Less menu lag (related to sound card). Now stop emulation when menu is accessed
– Increased PSG sound accuracy, especially noise!
– Changed init/deinit system to be easier to maintain
– And a lot more…

Game Gear :

– Fixed a small SAVE/LOAD state problem not reloading PAGE BANKS
– Added SRAM emulation fixing a lot of games, such as Shining Force 3 and increasing compatability a lot.


– YM2413 FM Emulation!!!
– Added auto-patching of non compliant « BIOS » games so all games can now run with BIOS’s enabled
– Fixed random level issue in Mission Impossible, and probably other games

Frontend :

– Added RAR support. You can now have your roms compressed to .RAR and run them without decompressing.
– Added visual styles under Windows XP.
– Added NES control picture (and others) to the input config.

FreezeSMS est un bon émulateur Sega Master System / Game Gear / SG1000. Ca veut dire assez rapide pour une bonne compatibilitée 🙂 Il supporte aussi la NES & la Colecovision.

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