FCE Ultra est un émulateur Nintendo NES/Famicom développé en open source et basé sur ce celles de FCE (de Bero). Il est maintenant distribué sous license GNU GPL.

All :

– Fixed a bug affecting loading of UNIF files from zip files.
– Replaced Marat’s 6502 emulator with my own.
– Removed Game Genie ROM image from the source code. It is now loaded from the FCE Ultra base directory from the file « gg.rom ».
– Rewrote many pieces of code.
– Fixed a major iNES mapper 64 emulation bug introduced in 0.76.
– Added support for iNES mapper 152. This should be used by any games previously assigned to mapper 70 that depend on one-screen mirroring(such as « Arkanoid 2 » and « Saint Seiya Ougon Densetsu »).
– Added settings for the first and last scanline to be rendered while in PAL emulation mode.
– Fixed a bug in the color deemphasis emulation code and made better use of the limited palette entry space available.
– Undid some FDS sound emulation code changes introduced in 0.76 that totally messed up FDS sound emulation.
– Minor bug fix to the Power Pad emulation code so that the official test program works correctly now.
– Added support for the Famicom Expansion port and removed the option to select between the four-score and the Famicom 4-player adapter(this option is no longer required).
– Added an option to disable four-score emulation.
– Added emulation of the Arkanoid paddle controller(both NES and Famicom style) via the mouse.
– Improved Zapper emulation, though it still needs improvement.
– Added emulation of the Family BASIC keyboard.
– Added (partial) emulation of the Hyper Shot gun.
– Added code to override the user’s input port/expansion port settings when certain games are loaded.
– Added code to fix a few problems that I commonly see with a few games’ iNES headers and to inform the user of the problems.

Win :

– Increased the speed of the 8bpp to hi/true-color conversion code.
– DirectDraw Blt()’s to the primary surface are now attempted to be done asynchronously.

Dos :

– Fixed various bugs in the Sound Blaster code.

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