D’après PS2Emu, un nouvel émulateur Playstation2 serait en développement :

First off we would like to thank the authors of PCSX2 and PS2PE for the motivation to pursue PS2 emulation.
With that we are proud to announce PS2emu! PS2emu is being developed by Juan and Minemei. In it’s short development period PS2emu has been progressing amazingly well. Plugins are not required since the functions are handled internally. Quite a few demos are working as demonstrated by the screenshots found in the Screenshots menu
PS2emu does however require the PS2 BIOS similar to current Playstation emulators, and as with most legal conditions the file cannot be distributed with the emulator. Nor will the authors provide it.
PS2emu is still in beta development, but is progressing rapidly. Stay tuned for further announcements, and possibly a future public release!

Après PCSX2 & PS2PE, il s’agit donc du 3ème projet. Comme vous l’avez compris il ne fonctionnera pas sur le système de plugin mais demandera le bios de la console. Voici quelques screenshots :

Demo 2C

Final Heaven Demo

Site officiel

En savoir plus…