Une nouvelle version de FreezeSMS vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées :

Commun :

– Forgot to credit Mitsutaka Okazaki for his EMU2413! Sorry 🙂
– Fixed settings KSCALE and KSCALE 75% from the menu. Thanks Mowgli
– Fixed a closing from File->Exit bug due to the new menu code. Thanks Mowgli
– Fixed a minimize then restore bug when PAUSE WHEN INACTIVE was enabled. Thanks Battleman100
– Made Right-Mouse button also bring up the menu
– Fixed a possible movie bug. Old movies still compatible

Master System :

– Fixed a BIOS bug where i was calculating checksums for bios’s. Thanks Battleman.

Frontend :

– Newest CRCS.txt added

Je rappel que FreezeSMS support les systèmes suivant : Sega Master System / Game Gear / SG1000 / Nintendo NES & Colecovision.

Télécharger FreezeSMS 4.6 (1.0 Mo)

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