« Cps And Neogeo Arcade Machine Emulator » est comme son nom l’indique une version de MAME limité au support des jeux Capcom CPS1/2 & SNK NeoGeo (MVS). Elle apporte pour l’occasion quelques petites améliorations. Elle succède a NMAME X II :

– The base MAME and MAME32 have been updated to version 0.61.
– Revised joystick ID setting.
– You can now set more joystick buttons in the controller settings option.
– When changing the list display, the list display’s width would shrink. Fixed. (Thanks JUN)
– Changed part of the default key settings.
– When booting a ROM in full screen mode in Windows XP, a bug would cause frames to be left over. Fixed.
– Added specialised set to jukebox (mslug4).

Télécharger FastMAME 0.98 (7.3 Mo)

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