Cet émulateur System/370, ESA/390 a été updaté.

Fix chkdsk compatility problem – Greg Smith
Allow tape file to be opened for input if on CD-ROM – Volker Bandke
Fix tape to include read backwards support – Volker Bandke
CTC fix for TurboLinux bug – Jim Pierson
3287 printer support via TN3270 – Tomas Masek
S/370 extended memory fixes – Tomas Masek
ctcadpt.c compilation fix for FreeBSD – Mark Szlaga
Fixed 3270 ERASE ALL UNPROTECTED command to not count data read – Tomas Fott
Fixes to ckdtab in dasdtab.c – Greg Smith
Retrofitted cckd chkdsk fixes/enhancements – Greg Smith
FBA fixes contributed by Tomas Masek – Greg Smith
Compatibility fixes for cckd and 2.17 – Greg Smith

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