Une nouvelle version de Jnes a été annoncé sur EmuTalk (voir le thread). Aucune info sur le site officiel, voici quand même les nouveautées :

– Fixed Deady Towers, Mapper 34
– Fixed an issue with palettes that affected Archon
– Added code toggling to the game genie interface (usually works without reset)
– Cheats are now a single file, and some popular ones are included
– Game genie usage in MMC3 games is now fixed
– Tweaked noise a little bit, more like 0.30a which was better
– Added a NES stereo sound option
– Better menu handling while files are not active
– Recent menu is a little nicer, stamping is better, also deletes invalid entries
– Fixed bitmap capturing in triple buffer full screen
– Rewrote Direct Draw locking logic
– Direct Sound library used is same as other projects
– Using accelerators now, keyboard shortcuts improved and more reliabile
– PPU rendering rewritten for palette based rendering
– Added network play support via the Kaillera 0.90
– Added a video timing option to allow and extra line of vblank
– Window position remembered when returning to windowed mode from full screen
– Put back 24-bit rendering (works?) and removed 8-bit from full screen
– Rom Browser added, sort by name, mapper, and battery saves
– j6502 was ported back to C from X86 assembly
– New settings dialog: file association, IPS patching functionality, directory paths
– Direct Input library has improved error detection for disconnected joypads on load, and tabbed dialog
– New video dialog, replaces the old series of menus, also adds enumeration of full screen display modes
– Brand new help file
– ZIP file support using ZLIB 1.1.4 DLL
– Almost every other aspect has seen rewrites and cleanups over time…

En savoir plus…