Une nouvelle versio nde NeoPop vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées :

– Sound quality is now as good as it gets! I’ve implemented a buffered
output after seeing how it was supposed to be done by Pete Bernert and the
PeopsSpu team. This approach has made a tremendous improvement.
– Sample playing is still missing, so you’ll have to wait for the ‘Sega’
at the start of « Sonic Pocket Adventure » and the intro to « Faseli! » too.
– No core fixes today. Same old bugs!
– Joystick button names are now used instead of numbers in the config
dialog box, this should be more user friendly (and was easier for me than
having to re-write the dialog to support any alternative methods). Thanks
to Nick K for pointing out that numbers weren’t actually helpful!
– Added a call to yield the CPU when paused, this will hopefully free up
wasted system resources. Thanks to JAZ for the suggestion. I’ve still to
add an auto pause option when the emulator looses focus…
– There are still some sound glitches. I have noticed that sometimes the
sound begins to break up. This can be fixed by moving the window around
to reinitialise the buffer. Not ideal, but I’ve not been able to detect
where the problem is being generated. I suspect that the breakups are
caused by my slow program causing gaps…
– Optimised both builds by 10%, I still need to do more to match the
performance of MGPocket and fix the remaining sound problems.

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