Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Atari ST tournant sous Windows vient de sortir.

Bug Fixes :

– Prefetch bug fixed thanks to Sébastien Molines (Subutteo, Anomaly Megademo protection)
– Absolute mouse button flags thanks to Sébastien Molines (Cochon Qui Ait)
– VAP reload timing (some ULM fullscreens)
– MFP clock (more ULM fullscreens, Captain Blood)
– Tighter top overscan timings (NeoShow)
– PSG register masking (FOF menus, BBC Mindbomb screen)
– HBL pending past next HBL bug
– Obsession patch
– STE shifter screen widening feature/bug (Obsession)
– Small asr-l flag bug (Medway Boys 75)
– Fixed lots of snapshot timing bugs (Lethal Xcess)

New Features

– Extended monitor resolutions
– Paste text into ST
– RAR archive support
– Independent left-right shift in shortcuts and joysticks
– Automatic fast forward on disk access option
– Screenshot format option (Windows only, needs FreeImage library)
– Press ST Key -> for keypad enter
– Auto update links
– XSteem: 8-bit colour depth support
– XSteem: External devices (experimental, might not work for anyone!)
– XSteem: Screenshots
– Debug: Added step over button

Télécharger STeem Engine 3.2 (608.6 Ko)

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