La version 2.0 de RockNES est enfin disponible. Elle est maintenant a jour par rapport a la version Windows. Voici les nouveautées :

– Major source rewrite, fixing tons of problems for listing;
– New savestate format, smaller and smart, no crashes;
– PPU frame render slightly optimised/tweaked;
– PPU and CPU timings work better;
– Added a fast forward key (maximum speed no framesync);
– Added a sprite #0 hit patch for mapper #7 too (fix some Tradewest games);
– Fixed PCM channel, removed hacks, added real-time counter;
– Removed that Help text from GUI;
– Config file (rocknes.ini) included to avoid problems;
– A few mappers may be broken, so please, report them;
– Compiled with the newest GCC/Allegro;
– First release, be patient…

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