Voici la seconde version de cet émulateur Game Boy sorti le 26/06. Voici les ajouts/modifications :

Bugs Fixed :

– Fixed CPU utilization error when no ROM loaded.
– Fixed Platform Video Shutdown code.
– Fixed Video Scanline Code OBJ-to-BG priority bug. Sprites
should now be correctly shown above and only above
background color zero when background has priority over
sprite. Sprites should now be displayed over other
sprites correctly.
– Fixed an Open State bug related to stored pointers for
sound channel 3. Pointers now recalculated.
– Fixed an Open State bug where a ROM cannot be found
matching to the Save State because the files have been
placed in a new directory.
– Fixed a « Backup Window » bug so when switching between
different fullscreen modes, the old windowed mode is
still remembered.
– Fixed a bug in DirectDraw to restore lost surfaces. This
usually occurs when using Alt+Tab to switch between
programs when in Full Screen Mode.
– Fixed an open ROM error when opening a corrupted ROM.
– Fixed CPU utilization when VSync is enabled.

Features Added :

– Added support for Vertical Synchronization in windowed
mode. Note that Fullscreen page flipping behaves this
way by default.
– Added support for Video Mode Enumeration and Multiple
Fullscreen modes.
– Added support for immediate switching of full screen
Fullscreen modes when already in Fullscreen.
– Added support for a stretched Fullscreen mode and
a maintain aspect Fullscreen mode.
– Added support for setting a default window size.
– Added a Video Configuration Dialog.
– Added support for Opening save states when the original
ROM cannot be found – presents an open dialog to find
the correct ROM. (e.g. in different directories, named
different than when save state was created)
– Added Keyboard Accelerators
– Added Quick Load/Save State on F5/F6 keys
– Added Pausing Feature
– Added Inactive Feature when out of focus.
– ASCII encoded name now appears in titlebar.
– All strings are now in string resources
– Three builds now: ANSI, MBCS, and UNICODE.
– Added support for ZIP archives
– Added support for RAR archives
– Added MRU ROM List

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