Une nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur de Super Nes vient de sortir, elle corrige pas mal de problèmes, notemment sur certains jeux, en voici les améliorations:

– Fixed Gunforce, added invalid HDMA modes. [_Demo_] (Thanks Overload!)
– New BRR decoding method, this should resolve all the sound issues introduced in 1.35 and fix new ones. (Noise simulation isn’t used anymore) [_Demo_]
– Fixed another bug with command-line netplay. (Windows only) [pagefault]
– Fixed hang in NBA Live 95 and 96. [_Demo_] (Thanks Overload!)
– Fixed sound not working on first run. (Windows only) [pagefault]
– Fixed some more mode 4 issues in the new gfx engine. [pagefault]
– Added offset mode disable toggle to 8-bit new gfx engine. [pagefault]
– Fixed SPC hang in 90 Minutes European Prime Goal by clearing spcram. [_Demo_]
– Updated fix for Clayfighter to fix some bugs in battle. [_Demo_]
– Fixed crash with certain games. (SDL/*nix only) [theoddone33]
– Added better OBC1 detection. [_Demo_]
– Special hack for Samurai Showdown IRQ problem. [_Demo_]
– Special hack for Kamen Rider menu, requires special latch reading. [_Demo_]
– Special hack for Super Famista 1 & 2 SPC bugs. [_Demo_]
– Fixed some more bugs in video code. (Thanks Perryman for the video table) (Windows only) [pagefault]
– Fixed Digital Devil Story hang by modifying the spc code. You must start a new game for the fix to work. [_Demo_]
– Modified work ram init value to 0x55. (Thanks TRAC)

Télécharger ZSNES (Win) v1.51 (847.4 Ko)

Télécharger ZSNES (Dos) v1.51 (913.1 Ko)

– Télécharger la version pour Linux ici

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